Ion Hiking

Ion Hiking

Mount Hengill

The Hengill area is an ideal recreational area that can be enjoyed the year round. It offers most of the features of Iceland´s natural beauty; interesting landscapes, geothermal areas with hot springs and craters, diverse vegetation, rivers and lakes. Since 1991, Reykjavik Energy has marked interesting hiking trails, put up information signs, built a hiking lodge and has published a hiking map.

There are several half day or whole day hiking trips that are available for hotel guests like,
…hiking in Reykjadalur where a geothermal river blends with a fresh water river and are combined in a lovely natural spring where tourist can relax and bath.
…hiking to the top of Mount Hekla. Myths say that on the top of Helka is the gates to hell
…hiking the hills of the famous volcano Eyjafjallajökull

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March 7, 2014