Ion Rafting

The birthplace of rafting in Iceland is Hvítá River. Just a short skip from Reykjavík, the beautiful Hvítá (“Kveetau”) river carries the milky runoff of the mighty Langjökull glacier on its twisting journey to Iceland’s south coast. Since the first descents of Hvítá in 1983, the RiverFun rafting trip has grown to become Iceland’s most popular adventure activity. Featuring a balanced blend of wilderness serenity and exciting rapids, a rafting trip down Hvítá is guaranteed to charm and impress the whole family! On this trip you raft a 7km stretch of the river through the scenic canyons of Brúarhlöð, and have the opportunity to jump from volcanic cliffs into the invigorating glacial waters. A classic and convenient adventure in the heart of southern Iceland’s sightseeing highlights.

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March 7, 2014