The Nordic countries have a strong regional food culture – pure, simple, fresh and seasonal. The New Nordic Cuisine combines new ingredients with more traditional fare, often prepared in new ways.


At ION’s Silfra Restaurant and Northern Lights Bar we subscribe to this philosophy and offer a menu of fresh local ingredients served with a twist and accompanied by an array of beers, liqueurs and spirits from Iceland’s many microbreweries. Silfra restaurant embodies the local flavor and spirit of Iceland, offering seasonal and contemporary dishes with an emphasis on sustainable, farm-fresh ingredients from our close surroundings. Silfra is proud to serve modern nordic cuisine with purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics as a guiding light to represent everything that this part of the world has to offer above other.

The chefs at Silfra also emphasize in what is called “slow food” that can be simplified as food made from the freshest ingredients available that is originated in the neighbourhood of the hotel. The restaurant’s name derives from the Silfra rift in Lake Þingvellir. The rift is the most popular diving site in Iceland, first of all because it the crack between the American and Eurasian continent and secondly because of the magnificent visibility that isn’t anywhere else under those circumstances. The restaurant is led by our master chef, Ágúst Már Garðarsson, that has worked in many renowned restaurants in Scandinavia like Restaurant Amalie Molde, Brasserie Sommelier, Lækjarbrekka and Silfur.


The beautiful design of the restaurant and the spectacular surroundings compliments the food served at Silfra perfectly. Everything from freshly caught Arctic Char from Þingvallavatn to the really unique icelandic Skyr brûlée will open your eyes to modern icelandic and nordic cuisine. Silfra is open to all, not only the guests at the hotel but to everyone willing to make their way to through the spectacular nature of Iceland. The view on the way is astonishing so remember to enjoy the ride as well as the food at the restaurant.














Summer Menu

Lunch 11:30-14

Soup of the day

1.700 KR

Reindeerburger in Brioche with Brie, red onion jam, fried small potatoes and green sauce.

2.350 KR

Fish of the day cooked with heart and creativity

3.200 KR

Braised shank of lamb with mashed potatoes, green peas and jus

3.500 KR

Grilled salmon with herb salsa and mashed potatoes

3.200 KR

Fresh green salad with roast walnut oil, confit toamtoes and parmiggiano

3.200 KR

Nordic club sandwich with smoked salmon, cream cheese and fries

1.900 KR | 2.300 w/ chicken

Bar- Coffe menu 14-18

Sweet and spicy mix of nuts


 Soup of the day with fresh bread

1.700 KR

 Selection of Charcuterie and cheese with crispy biscuits and chutney. Delicious with a glass of red wine or an icecold beer 

2.250 KR

Nordic club sandwich with smoked salmon, cream cheese and fries

1.900 KR | 2.300 w/ chicken

High Tea Icelandic/UK. Two types of Scandinavian open sandwiches, nuts, olives and a selection of sweets. 

2.200 KR

Cake of the day, ask the waiter 

1.550 KR

Fresh pancakes with cream, syrup and berries

1.350 KR



Seafood soup. Lemongrass, lobster, corn and skyr

2.300 ISK

Salad. green leaves, tomatoes, parmiggiano and roast walnut oil.

1.800 ISK

Arctic Char. Cured, rye bread, cucumber, mustard and aspargus

2.000 ISK

Beats. Goats cheese, barlay and Chamomille

2.000 ISK

Starter of the day

2.100 ISK


Salmon. Citrus, fire, potatoes and broccoli

4.300 ISK

Cod. Lime, vanilla, herbs and potatoes

4.200 ISK

Lamb. Fillet, shank, potatoes, wine and mushrooms

6.200 ISK

Beef. Grill, Cafe de Paris, potatoes and broccoli.

6.400 ISK

Walnut steak. Broccoli, skyr, barlay, lentils and tomatoes. 

3.800 ISK

Main course of the day

4.400 ISK


Chocolate Nirvana. Chocolate, berries, port  and ginger

1.950 ISK

Rhubarb. Biscuit, skyr, ginger, berries and citrus.

1.950 ISK

Skyr Créme Brûlée.

1.950 ISK

Brie. Honey, rosemary, biscuit and berries. 

2.050 ISK

Everything. Mix of all desserts for the whole table

2.100 ISK

Dessert of the day

1.750 ISK



Awards & Nominations

restaurant design awards
gold nugget
WBHA Logo Winner 2014
earth check